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Building pride of workmanship starts at a very early stage. NBTC favors a culture of “passion to perform”, and those who champion this cause are often handpicked for bigger roles within the company.
NBTC is one of the largest employers in the private sector of Kuwait, with our teams in Kuwait, UAE and KSA. Nationalization is one of the top priorities in NBTC and due diligence is applied in creating employment for the nationals in the respective countries.

Career Development Center

Learning & Development of staff and management is helping us to achieve employee involvement and build a meaningful working environment. At NBTC, individual success is just as important as organizational success. And to achieve this mutual goal, we are combining our forces and moving ahead as “One Team, One Family”. The Human Capital (workforce) development of NBTC is the primary responsibility of the Career Development Center (CDC), the Corporate Training unit of NBTC Human Resources Department, which is carried out through various training and development activities.

Global Business Practices

Several new initiatives are included to create ample opportunities for our NBTC employees to attend training and to benefit from it. NBTC’s business practices are as illustrious as our service diversity. SAP (System Application & Product) is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application adopted by leading corporations across the world for best business practices and process standards. NBTC’s ISO certification and strategic partnership with SAP represents the company’s approach towards business performance. The SAP solution was initiated with a focus to power our Human Capital Management. This competency-based model is now redefining competencies across departments. NBTC embraces this change and renews its commitment to build trust, backed by the strength of our global standards.