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The equipment division is another impressive page in our scope of interrelated activities. We provide practical end-to-end solutions such as Heavy Lift, Maintenance and Logistics with a multi-faceted fleet of over 1500 construction related equipments, rigging plants and rigging crew. Meeting the industry’s specific requirements reflects our strength, and as much signifies our edge in the field. Spread over Ahmadi, Shuaiba, Wafra and North Kuwait, these combined forces cater to NBTC projects and external clients.

Fleet Force Make Model / Capacity
Crawler Cranes Terex 650 Tons , 400 Tons, 200 Tons, 100 Tons
Mobile Cranes Liebherr, Terex, Grove, Tadano, Demag, Kato, Lorain, Link Belt, Escorts, XCMG Upto 500 Tons
RT Cranes Terex, Grove, Link Belt Upto 75 Tons
Multi Axle (Hydraulic) Liners KAMAG 40 Axle
Piling Machine Delmag, Casagrande RH20W, RH14, B170
Excavators Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo, Hitachi, Kobelco 322B, 312, 320L, 325L, E240B, 320B, 320BL, 325BLN, M312, 330L, 320C, 320D, 320DL, 330DL, 323DL, 345BL, PC300LC, PC200-7, PC340NLC-7K, PC210LC-7K, PC210LC-8, PC450-7K, PC210LC-8 , EW160, E2280, EX 215LC, ZX200LC, ZX210, ZX200LC-3, SK 210
Backhoe Loaders Caterpillar JCB 416, 424, 428B, 428C, 432D, 438B 214S, 217S, 3CX
Motor Graders Caterpillar, Volvo 140G, 140H, 160H, 12G, 12H, 14G, 14M
Dozers Caterpillar Komatsu D9N, D8L, DN, D8R, D6R, D6M, D8T, D9T, D9R, D10R, D155A-2
Pipe Layers Caterpillar 583 H
Wheel Loaders Caterpillar, Kawazaki, Komatsu, Volvo, Taian 950G, 950F, 950H, 966F, 966G, 966H, 962G, 963C, 980G, IT12, IT14G, KSS50, 80ZIV, 70ZIV, KLD90ZIII, 65ZA, WA1803L, L180E, DY840
Trailers (Low-Bed / Flat-Bed) Autocar, Mercedes, DAF, Volvo, Mack, Hino, MAN, Scania, Mercedes-Benz, Nooteboom, Makinsan, ES-VE, Vogelzang 2638, 1934, 1831, 1835, 1840, 1843, 3848TGA33400, 2040S
Skid Steer Loaders Bobcat JCB 863B, 753B, T320, S130, S205, S450, S590B, S590
Dump Trucks Mercedes, Nissan, Tata, Hino, Volvo 2624, 3034, FM400
Forklifts Datson, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, Toyota, Hyster, TCM, Atlet 5 Tons, 4 Tons, TH62, 4 Tons, TH560B, 6FB20, 526FGAU50, 5 Tons, 3 Tons, 7 Tons, 5 Tons, 10, Tons, 1 Ton
Telescopic Forklifts Caterpillar TH560B, TH62
Tankers (Water) IVECO, Mercedes, Scania, Nissan, Hino, Western Star MAN 5000 G, 4000 G, 5000 G, 3000 G, 3400 G, 3300 G, 3000 G, 5100 G, 5200 G, 5400 G, 3000 G, 4500 G, 5300 G, 1600 G, 5000 G, 3000 G, 4000 G
Tankers (Fuel / Vacuum) Nissan, Hino, Volvo, Mercedes 5000 G, 1500 G, 5000 G, FM 400 5000 G, 5000 G
Vibrator, Rollers Tandom Rollers Hepco, Dynapac, Benford, Bomag, Lutong, Volvo, Dynapac, Jacmat 15 Tons, 100B, CA252, 10 Tons, SP2010, BW212D 2, BW213D-4, LT214, SD110, CC122 5 Tons, RS970
Generators Caterpillar, Marapco, Stamford, Jet, Olympian, Cummins Upto 1000 KVA
Manlifts Genie, Grove, JLG S40 14.2M, S60 20.3M, S80 26.4M, AM240 B 12.2M, MZ66DXT 20 M
Hydraulic Rock Breaker CE Fine FM40 20
Concrete Mixer Truck Mercedes IVECO 9M3, 10M3 380E37
Concrete Pumps Mercedes 3332B
Scissor Lift JLG Genie 33RTS, 2030 ES GS 2046.318M
Hydro Test Pump Detroit, Riken, Gardner Denver 10000 PSI, 2000 PSI