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The safety and health of our employees, and the environmental sustainability is crucial within our defined framework. As a member of the British Safety Council, NBTC diligently meets the statutory HSE requirements and exercises additional policies.

To make certain that our safety procedures are followed and regularly reviewed, a NBTC HSE manual and an employee safety handbook, in compliance with ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

This is furthered with safety induction, awareness programs, periodical safety audits and training programs.

HSE Objective

“We aim to return our employees safely back to their families”. We ensure that Health, Safety & Environment is maintained by:

  •  Performing frequent HSE audits
  •  Reporting and review of near misses
  •  Motivating our employees
  •  Promoting Incident Recall Techniques.

HSE Mission

To make all employees owning their individual and collective responsibility for Safety, Health & Environment, ability to identify hazards by themselves and mitigate such hazards in a timely manner and participate and contribute in every possible ways and means to make aware of the community at large for the protection of People, Property and Planet.

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