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Purchase of a brand new Demag CC 8800-1 Lattice Boom Crawler Crane (1600 Ton capacity).

NBTC Group has signed an agreement with Tadano Europe for the purchase of a brand new Demag CC 8800-1 Lattice Boom Crawler Crane (1600 Ton capacity).

The purchase contract was signed by Mr. K. G. Abraham (Managing Director, NBTC Group) and Mr. Joerg Mueller (Senior Sales Manager, Tadano) in the presence of Mr. K. G. Alexander (Sr. General Manager - Corporate, NBTC Group), Mr. Rani Ammouri (Project Director, NBTC Group, Abu Dhabi) and Mr. Tibo Kuruvilla (Manager Operations - Equipment Division, NBTC Group, Kuwait).

The CC 8800-1 will be used by NBTC Group for upcoming projects in Kuwait. Furthermore, the versatile large crane will be utilized for all types of infrastructure, oil and gas projects throughout the Middle East for both in-house projects and external clients. NBTC is expanding its heavy lift operation with the addition of the CC 8800-1. NBTC provides a premium range of heavy lift equipment to meet the needs of our client.

With specialized engineering services and a rigging team, NBTC Equipment Division is expanding the equipment leasing and heavy lift section to the entire Middle East and this new CC 8800-1 will be a valuable asset for our future endeavor.

In addition, NBTC Group increased the fleet capacity by 14 units of brand-new cranes (85 tons-1 unit, 70 tons-5 units and 50 tons-9 units).

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